Meet the Gousto Tech Interns — Yasmin Kabir and Adam Arafa

3 min readSep 6, 2022

This post is part of our series interviewing members of our Gousto Tech team. In this post, we meet Yasmin and Adam, who have just finished a month-long internship with Gousto and our investor, MMC Ventures.

What’s your favourite food?

Yasmin: Anything with potatoes in it — but in particular lamb and potato stew with rice!

Adam: Has to be lasagne!

Can you tell us a little about what you’re currently studying and your interests?

Yasmin: I’m currently studying Bioprocessing — it’s basically the study of living cells and applying them to healthcare, sustainability and food products. I’m very interested in new technology and techniques that can improve the cost of goods, time spent and the production process generally.

Adam: Hey, I’m Adam! I’m studying Physics at UCL and I’ve recently become really interested in tech and programming, specifically in python. I’m currently studying a few relevant modules and projects to this, so it seems this internship couldn’t have come at a better time.

Why did you decide to apply for an internship at MMC?

Yasmin: Aside from my interest in tech, I am quite interested in finance — inspired by my brother! So MMC offering something that combines my two interests was perfect. I loved that we could see the outcome of their investment and spend some time with one of their most successful tech companies, Gousto.

Adam: For the same reasons as above, the Gousto part of the internship really stood out to me as I was hoping to get some experience in tech, and understand how a tech company runs. MMC sounded really interesting as I had never heard of venture capital before applying and had never had any experience with finance, which I never knew could be so enjoyable!

What has been the most exciting thing you’ve worked on at Gousto during your internship?

Yasmin: Everything was great! From the shadowing of customer care to writing up our own tech and sustainability projects but overall… I think cooking in the kitchen and shadowing the food team was the most exciting! It was amazing to see exactly how Gousto works behind the scenes and the amazing people creating new recipes within guidelines.

Adam: Definitely the cooking session. Aside from just being good fun, I got to see first hand how great of a product the Gousto box is.

Can you tell us about one cool thing you’ve learnt at Gousto during your time with us?

Yasmin: One cool thing I have learnt about Gousto is the scale of its tech innovation. In the beginning, we were surprised to hear a food delivery service was considered a ‘tech-first company’, but seeing the effort put into analytics, optimising the factory line, the Gousto app and even the way recipes are recommended was surprising to see!

Adam: On the surface Gousto just seems like a food delivery company, so I was really surprised at how important tech is to the company. The fact that it’s used for everything, from optimising the website, to self-service customer complaints, to even picking out and identifying new recipes for customers, was so so interesting to me!

Are there any areas you’ve come across at Gousto that you might be interested in exploring further?

Yasmin: I would love to explore analytics further as well as financial positions that deal with AI. One thing’s for certain, I would love to work for a tech company like Gousto in the future!

Adam: Anything related to data science and analytics. The way every aspect of the business is being optimised to such high levels using data is something I find so cool, and would love to do more work towards!

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